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SSI Visual Branding Identity

Designing the visual branding identity of the Sound Studies Institute.

Project Context

Seventeen designers, including I were tasked to design a new logo and visual style for the University of Alberta's Sound Studies Institute. At the end of the process, the client chose one design to use to represent the brand. Just as a note, mine was not chosen in the end.



• Logo in colour, black & white  

• Visual identities & branding guidelines 

• A set of logo applications of merchandise

• Social media posts with the logo in use

Tools Used

• Illustrator

• InDesign

• Photoshop

Initial Sketches and Finalized Logo​​​​​​​

I started off this project with research of other sound institutes and sound visualization methods such as code, Ruben’s fire tubes, music notation, and fonts that looked like them. I finally landed on Lissajous curves, which are symmetrical patterns that form from light based on the type of frequency being used. The finalized logo continues the use of the Lissajous curves and embraces a bracket like border which resembles music record  logos such as Atlantic Records.

Merchandise and Applications

Below are applications of the logo onto different types of stationary and physical merchandise like stickers, t-shirts and mugs.


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