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A bread themed rhythm game.

Project Context

In 2021 I had the honour of working with a group of incredible programmers, writers and audio technicians to create a game as part of the University of Alberta CMPUT 250 course. We were tasked with the goal to create a 15 minute game in RPG Maker MV, and through ideation and planning we created the game: Bread Heist.


A rhythm based game existing in fictitious world of bread characters, focusing on our main protagonist- John Dough, who rebels against the corporate system that has beaten him down for so many years, by breaking into the Wonder Loaf office that he was recently fired from in order steal back the dough (money) his boss withheld from him and the other employees. Currently you can play the game here, as we try to put the game up on a more permanent platform. 


Project Role

• Floor, wall and environment tile sheets

• Character sprites and animations

• Battle UI and graphics

Our Team

• Julie Pilz (Producer/Programmer)

• Evan Armstrong (Lead Designer/ Audio and Sound Designer)

• Matthew Anderson (Writer)

• Alexander Salm (Programmer)

• Taylor Curran (Programmer)

• Jeff Cho (Caldera Interactive, our mentor & Executive Producer)

Character Design

Below are applications of the logo onto different types of stationary and physical merchandise like stickers, t-shirts and mugs.

Game Environment

Battle Graphics/ UI

Fun Assets

These are recreations a famous pieces of art that I created for the game. you might recognize them, however they are changed to suite the overall comical tone and bread related theme of the game.

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